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As a local, family-owned business, we dedicate ourselves to supporting the manufacturers & artisans in our city & state. And here, you'll find our available locally made pieces. The sofas you'll find are actually fully customizable; the images are only examples of the standard design.
Click here for more information on our custom sofas, made right in Woodburn, OR.
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Jackknife Coffee Table Custom Coffee Table Walnut Desk
Jackknife Coffee Table
Our Price: $1,395.00
Custom Coffee Table
Our Price: $395.00
Walnut Desk
Our Price: $1,045.00
A custom, unique, walnut coffee table made locally.
Measures: 51" x 16" x 19".
A really cool and truly unique coffee table made by local artist, Emily Dixon Price! Made from paudauk wood planks and aluminum sheets in 2002 at the University of Oregon!

Measures: 48" x 17" x 17".
A quality, locally made walnut desk.
Measures 55" x 23" x 32".
Driftwood Tray Table The "Grand" Sofa Style The "Portland" Sofa Style
Driftwood Tray Table
Our Price: $265.00
Sale Price: $175.00
Savings: $90.00
The "Grand" Sofa Style
Default Price: $945.00
The "Portland" Sofa Style
Default Price: $995.00
A side table with a bronze colored metal plate and driftwood construction.
Measures 16" x 16" x 25".
Our signature style! (Look at our store sign!) With a tight-back buttoned design and mid-century inspired legs, it fills the space while remaining deceivingly compact. One of our most popular styles! This simplistic look based on mid-century designs is perfect for smaller spaces. Two throw pillows included. Non-buttoned version available for the same price.