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Additional Support

How do I contact you?

Please click here for our company contact information, location and hours of business.


How can I check on the status of my consignment?

If you have already consigned with us before, you can easily check on the status of your items by clicking the “CONSIGNOR LOGIN” button in the top right-hand corner of the site. There, use your consignor ID and password to login and see the status of your consignments, how much they sold for, and when checks are sent.

If you do not know your consignor ID or password, contact the store, and we will assist you. We’ll need to confirm your email address and resend you your login information.

How am I paid for sold items?

Consignors will receive their portion of the sale by check. Checks are cut and sent via mail in the first week of each month for any and all sales during the previous month. (e.g. If your item sells in October, your check will be sent in the first week of November.)

I am unable to bring my items in myself. Can you pick them up?

While we do not have the ability to come and pick up items ourselves, we have a partnership with a third party service who will deliver to our store starting at $75. More information on this service can be found  here.

Please be aware, however, that if we agree to accept your items by pictures but they are not in good selling condition when we see them in person, you will not be refunded for the delivery and you will be responsible for retrieving your items. Any abandoned items will be donated to save floor space.

What happens at the end of the contract?

Contracts last for 90 days. If any of your items do not sell within those 90 days, we are required to give you ten days to come in and pick them up. If you do not contact us within that ten day span, we reserve the right to donate any abandoned items in order to clear floor space. While we do our best to contact all consignors once their contracts end, it is ultimately up to the consignor to manage his or her items once they have exceeded their contract’s end date.

If you contact the store and wish to extend the contract, we may be able to do so in exchange for a lower agreed price. We reserve the right to determine if this is doable on a per-item basis.

Why do I need to sign a contract?

By signing the contract, you acknowledge that you are the rightful owner of the items to be consigned and that they are free of any liens, security interests, leases or claims of other persons and that you are authorized to consign the items as provided in the agreement. We pledge to do our best to safeguard your consigned items, but in order to keep our insurance rates and thereby our prices at a minimum, we cannot be held responsible for damage or loss to your property. Your homeowners insurance should cover your merchandise while it is in our showroom.

Terms of the contract can be found here.

How is price determined?

We agree to a starting price and bottom price with you before signing the consignment contract. The starting price will be what we think we can sell it for in our market, and the bottom price will be the absolute lowest you would be willing to go down to. We will not sell anything for lower than the agreed bottom price.

The prices we offer will be based off of our prior experience selling similar pieces. However, if the piece is still sold new on the market, we will rarely sell it in our store for more than half of its original price.

What sorts of items can you accept on consignment?

While our inventory needs change on a regular basis, please refer to these lists for an idea of what we can and cannot accept.

Best Sellers

  • Authentic mid-century
  • Small-scale furniture
  • Locally made or unique
  • Modern / Contemporary
  • Genuine leather
  • Quality antiques
  • Quality rugs
As Needed

  • Art
  • Traditional furniture
  • IKEA products
  • Particle board or soft wood pieces
  • Bunk beds
  • Heavily aged antiques
  • Cheaper rugs
Cannot Accept

  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Cribs
  • Children’s furniture
  • Small decor pieces
  • Kitchen sets
  • Any broken or dysfunctional pieces

If we are unable to take your items due to being overstocked on our store floor, feel free to check back at a later date to see when we will be able to accept them.

Will you take my items on consignment?

We can only accept gently used furniture in good selling condition. Please no pet hair, odors, stains, etc. Reasonably worn pieces can still be taken, but the condition of the piece will affect our selling price.

Please be aware that due to limited space, we are not able to take everything, and there may be a chance that the piece you wish to consign will not be a good fit for our store. As such, we ask that you send photos of the items you wish to consign to contact@whatsnewfurniture.com, along with any relevant information you may want to provide, such as:

  • Who made the piece, and how old it is
  • What the piece is made of
  • How much it originally cost / How much you’re hoping to make from it
  • If there is any damage or cosmetic wear at all

Once we have received the images, we will respond as quickly as possible to let you know if we can take your items, or ask for more necessary information. This process allows us to better serve you by giving us time to clear space for your pieces, as well as save you a trip if we are unable to accept your pieces.

Will you buy my items from me directly?

At this time, we do not purchase inventory directly from customers. If you wish to sell your items, you may consign them and receive 50% of the final selling price once it sells.

Consignment: What is it, exactly?

When you consign your items with the store, we will attempt to sell your items on your behalf while it stays at our location. If any item sells while under contract, you will receive 50% of the final selling price.

Custom Sofas

Are your sofas treated with any chemicals?

We do not treat our locally made sofas with any chemicals, including fire retardants or fabric protection. Should you wish to apply fabric protection yourself, we recommend a simple bottle of Scotchgard™ applied in an open area.

Do you have floor models available?

We do! We get new shipments every week, so the floor changes regularly. We will occasionally put floor models on sale, as well, so check back often!

How soon can my custom order be made?

Custom orders will be completed within 5-7 weeks of placing the order, barring unforeseen circumstances such as running low on your chosen fabric, shipping delays, etc. Shipments come to our store every weekend, and we will call you once it has arrived at our store. You can also call anytime to check on the status of your order as well.

If you wish to expedite your order, we will guarantee it in two weeks or less for an additional $200 fee.

What can be customized?

Customization choices include:

  • Choose from over 350 different fabrics and marine grade vinyls.
    • Change the fabric choice of any throw pillows at no added cost.
  • Choose your layout, from sofas to loveseats to chairs to sectionals.
    • Not all sofa designs can be made as sectionals, loveseats or chairs. Ask for details.
    • Sectionals can be reversed in layout.
  • Choose your foam density to fit your ideal comfort.
  • Change the leg style and color to fit your space.
  • Change the button layout– or remove them altogether!

Standard upcharges include:

    • Any upgraded fabric choice — $100; $200 for sectionals
    • Extend a sofa by one cushion length — $525 up to 24″; $825 up to 36″
    • Extend frame depth up to 3″ — $725
    • Add a pull-out queen bed mechanism — $745
    • Add a floating chaise — starting at $595
    • Additional throw pillows — $40 ea.
    • Additional seat cushions — $250 ea. ($100 for new jacket, $150 for cushioning)
    • Convert to a bench cushion or vice versa — $345 ($275 for Loveseat)
    • Mix & match arm styles to other sofas — $350 per arm (varies)
    • Add welting to cushions that didn’t have it — $250; $350 for sectionals

And that’s not all! Have something else you’d like to try? Contact a store associate and we will let you know if what you want to do is possible, and how much it will be. We want to make the exact sofa you’ve been wanting all along.

Do your sofas come with any warranty?

Any piece by DFF comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, springs and seat cushions, as well as a limited one-year warranty on the fabric (with certain exceptions on discontinued or budget products). Original receipt must be presented for warranty to apply.

For more information on what the warranty covers, please reference this article.

Where are your sofas manufactured?

Our custom sofas are made down in Woodburn, Oregon by Dan Fredrick Furniture with locally harvested wood and A1 Foam from right here in Portland.


Do you negotiate at all on prices?

Depending on the item in question, we may be able to offer discounts. On consigned items, we are bound by the terms of the consignment contract, so there will be certain prices we cannot match, but feel free to make an offer and we will see if it’s doable. On brand new items, it simply depends on availability and the amount of time they’ve spent on the floor. Ask a store associate if you want to make a deal!

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns on any items once they have been purchased. Please make sure that any items you purchase can fit into your space before committing to your purchase. If you wish to reconsign a piece you no longer want, we may be able to do so.

Do you offer financing?

We offer 6 month deferred interest financing on purchases of $1000 or more through GE Capitol. If you wish to apply, we require two forms of ID (photo ID and a credit card) and a short form to be filled out at the store. We can then tell you within minutes if you have been approved by GE Capitol for the amount.

For more information on our financing options, contact a store associate.

How do I place a custom order?

We require only a nonrefundable 25% deposit in order to place an order on a new item, with the remaining balance due upon delivery to our store. In the event that you no longer want the items you ordered but have not taken them from the store yet, we will keep the 25% deposit as a restocking fee and refund any remaining balance to you in the original method of payment.

Can I put a hold on an item?

We cannot hold any consigned items for an extended period of time, as it is unfair to the consignor due to the limited time frame of his or her contract.

Holds on brand new items might be available on a per item basis. Speak with a store associate for details.

Do you offer delivery?

We have partnered with a third party delivery service who can deliver two items within a 10 mile radius of our store for $75 with additional upcharges for distance, additional pieces, etc. You can find more information on this service here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. If a check bounces, however, you will be charged for the bounced check fee in addition to the original price.

Can I make purchases online?

At this time we cannot accept payment via online purchases. If you would like to purchase something you find on our website, we can accept payment over the phone during our store hours, or you can feel free to come in and pay in person.

Sales & Discounts

Can I rent for my photo shoot, staging or other activity?

We are able to offer short-term renting on some pieces. Ask a store associate for details.

Can I buy in bulk for a discount?

When we are able, we will gladly offer discounts for buying multiple items. However, this policy is on a per-case basis, and our offer will vary according to what the customer is wishing to purchase. Speak with a store representative if you are interested in buying multiple items and we will do our best to save you money.

Is there a discount for armed services and veterans?

We offer a store-wide 10% discount for any serviceman or servicewoman who can show proper identification. Please be aware, however, that we may not be able to honor the full 10% on some items, as we are bound by the terms of our contract with the consignor.

Do you offer discounts for industry workers or designers?

We do offer discounts for repeat customers in the interior design industry. Simply show proof of your business and come often, and we’ll find a pricing structure that works for you.

How often are discounts and sales available?

We will run sales on occasion, which will be advertised on our website’s home page, as well as other media outlets, during the period of the sale. Sale prices will be reflected on applicable items through that same period.

Custom orders will rarely have a sale price, but floor models will be put on sale at the store’s discretion.

Consigned items will also go on sale if they near the end of their contract, so check back regularly for updated prices.

Shop by Manufacturer

I would like to leave feedback on my experience. Where can I do that?

If you would like to leave feedback on your experience with our store, feel free to rate us or write a review at any of the linked options under “LEAVE FEEDBACK” at the bottom of the page. Currently, our store has accounts with Google, Yelp and Facebook. We’d love to know what you liked most and how we can improve!

If you are having troubles with the website or would like to report an issue, please contact the manager at joey@whatsnewfurniture.com.

I was redirected here from consignedhomefurnishings.com. Is this the same business?

Yes! We relaunched our website in June 2013 and closed down consignedhomefurnishings.com in August. We are still the same store, simply with a new name and new ownership as of October 2012.

I can’t find what I’m looking for. Is it available?

Not all of our inventory is listed on the website as our inventory changes daily with new consignments and sold out items. If you do not see the item or style you’re looking for on the site, we may have it on the show floor and it simply hasn’t made it to the web yet. If you are looking for something in particular, contact the store or stop on by during our store hours.

How do I navigate the site?

At the top of the page you will find a grey navigation bar with item categories. Each of these categories drops down into sub-categories to help narrow your search. If you would prefer to search by keyword, you can type anything into the search bar located at the top of the page.

If at any point you need to return to the homepage, simply click the store logo in the top left corner of the site. Most information is easily accessible from there.

If you are having any issues whatsoever, feel free to contact us via the phone number or email address listed at the top of the page.

Warranties & Guarantees

Do you offer guarantees on consigned items?

We do not offer any warranties or guarantees for any of our consigned pieces, but we do thoroughly check them upon accepting them on consignment. If you find that what you have purchased is missing pieces or has any fallible issue that was not communicated to you upon purchasing it, speak with a store representative and we will do our best to remedy the situation.

Do you offer warranties on other new items?

Our store does not offer a direct warranty on any of our other new items. However, the original manufacturer may have their own warranty for their products. If you have an issue with one of our new products, we will happily direct you to the manufacturer’s customer service for any possible warranty issues. In most cases, if a product falls under the manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer will send a replacement to our store for you to pick up at your convenience.

For your convenience, here are a few links to our various manufacturers’ warranty pages:

What does your DFF manufacturer warranty cover?

Any piece by Dan Frederick Furniture (DFF) comes with a lifetime limited warranty. The warranty covers:

  • Frame and Springs: The wood frame and steel spring system are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal conditions, for as long as the original purchaser owns the product.


  • Cushioning: The foam seat cushions are warranted against loss of resiliency for as long as the original purchaser owns the product.
    • Seat cushions will soften with normal use and conform to the user’s shape. This is normal and not considered a defect.


  • Sleepers/Recliners: Sleeper mechanisms, sleeper mattresses and recliner mechanisms are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase.


  • Upholstery Fabric: Upholstery fabric is warranted against wear and tear under normal care and conditions for a period of one year from the consumer date of purchase. This does not cover shrinkage, pilling or fading due to chemical after-treatments or improper cleaning. Use of chemical after-treatments or improper cleaning invalidates the limited warranty.
    • Some fabrics have qualities that are natural characteristics inherent to the style of fabric (i.e. nubs, color variations, shading, etc.). These are not manufacturer’s defects and are not covered by the limited warranty.

The warranty does not apply to furniture in commercial use, or where there is evidence of abuse, misuse or improper care. Costs of packing and/or shipping to and from the factory are not covered. DFF will either repair or replace at its option any product that has a defect in materials or workmanship covered by its limited warranty without charge. To obtain service under this warranty, contact the original furniture dealer from whom you purchased your product, along with proof of original purchase. All packing and transportation charges for delivering the product requiring service to the furniture dealer are the responsibility of the original purchaser.

DFF reserves reserves the right to change specifications without notification. If identical materials are unavailable at the time of repair, DFF reserves the right to change or substitute material of equal quality.

We stand behind the quality of our DFF-manufactured products. If there is ever an issue with your product that is covered under warranty, we simply ask that you bring your item to our store and we will take it to our manufacturer as soon as possible to be repaired. Since everything is done in Woodburn, you shouldn’t be without your sofa for long!

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